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Whats EzeeKonnect

6 Months - 6 Boxes

100+ Electronic Modules

120+ Tasks

Video Guides

Printed Task Cards

Mobile Application

Community Tasks


We deliver each of the ezeekonnect box to your doorstep

Detailed understanding of electronics with practical applications and real time industry parts

Video and printed guides

Free online sessions to get understanding of real time applications.


Kids are born playing, and we want to help them extend that to a hands-on exploration, curiosity, and imagination. EzeeKonnect puts invention at the heart of learning through play. Research has shown that a strong interest and liking for Science which is built during foundational years leads to significantly better academic outcomes in the later years. We want kids to experience the joy of knowing having discovered something they didn’t know before.


Instead of memorizing worksheets and science formulas, we need to make learning more fun, engaging, and relevant to today’s kids. Understanding of fundamental concepts, ability to apply them to real-world objects, structured thinking & problem-solving skills are of at most importance for children to build in this age group. EzeeKonnect helps kids learn by doing, by trial and error, and not just by textbooks.



Rs. 2,299/-

Rs. 2,000/-

  • 20+ Tasks and Activities
  • 22+ Electronic Modules
  • 1 Month, 1 Box
  • Printed Task Cards
  • Mobile Application
  • Community Tasks
  • Video Guides
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Rs. 5,999/-

Rs. 5,000/-

  • 60+ Tasks and Activities
  • 50+ Electronic Modules
  • 3 Months, 3 Boxes
  • Printed Task Cards
  • Mobile Application
  • Community Tasks
  • Video Guides
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Rs. 11,999/-

Rs. 11,000/-

  • 120+ Tasks and Activities
  • 100+ Electronic Modules
  • 6 Months, 6 Boxes
  • Printed Task Cards
  • Mobile Application
  • Community Tasks
  • Video Guides
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What happens when I purchase EzeeKonnect?

You will receive an email once you place the order. You will receive one box per month based on the subscription you choose. Your first box will reach you within 10 business days of creating your order.

What exactly do I get inside EzeeKonnect box?

Each box will be packed with EzeeKonnect Modules, AkryShapes, 8-10 play-based activities, easy-to-understand instruction sheets. Every month, your child will receive a different set of activities.

I'm a busy parent. I don't have enough time. Will my child be able to do the activities independently?

If you plan it as couple of activities per week, your involvement will be less than 30 minutes per week where you guide your child initially -- and your child can then engage with the activities independently!

Can I try 1 box before heading for a subscription?

Yes, there is an option to buy only one month’s subscription. If you find that the activities keep your child engaged, then you may opt for subsequent boxes.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Absolutely! Unless the box has already been shipped, we can change your delivery address during your subscription! Just shoot us an email and we will promptly ship the box to your new address.

Can I change my address in the middle of my subscription?

Absolutely! Unless the box has already been shipped, we can change your delivery address during your subscription! Just shoot us an email and we'll promptly ship the box to your new address.

Where do I get the video?

All the videos are available on the mobile application. To access the same, you would need to enter your login ID and password in the ezeekonnect app, scan the QR code on the box, which you must have received after you purchase the subscription.

What after six months?

Soon, team EK will be coming up with ‘EZEE CONNECT - Pro’, which will include advance learnings of electronics such as coding, details of functionality of each parts covered in EK subscription.

Why 6 boxes?

Contents of the subscription are structured in six boxes and are thoroughly studied, placed in a logical sequence so that simple electronics concepts are understood by students effortlessly.

As a parent do we need to support our child while completing the box?

Initially, it’s recommended that you make sure that the child understands the basic components, printed material and how to link the components with training videos. After couple of activities, your child will pick up the rest of the tasks. In addition to the activities given in the box, you can perform permutations and combinations of and build additional applications.

Is it unsafe?

All the circuits are in DC current, hence there is no harm as such. Game is designed for children above 7 years old. There are small parts in the game hence please restrict access to infants and toddlers.

Whether activities in subsequent boxes are linked to the previous boxes?

Yes, all the boxes are interconnected. Even some tasks and modules in subsequent boxes are incomplete without modules (parts) and tasks in the previous boxes.

What about the module’s warrantee?

All modules come with 6 months replacement warranty, from the date of purchase. If defective, it should be delivered at the user’s cost to the nearest authorized knowledge partner and the defective module/modules will be replaced free of charge during the warranty.
After 6 Months Replacement Warranty, user can rebuy the modules at very competitive price.

What if my child has lost couple of modules?

Please contact our customer care, we will provide additional parts along with the next month’s box.

Is there any EMI option for the payment?

Yes, the EMI option is available. You may opt to first pay for 50% of the amount and after completion of 3 months, pay the balance amount.


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